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Scrum and the Usability-Standard EN 62366

Free eBook : Scrum and the Usability-Standard EN 62366



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Marc Bless


The book resolves typical prejudices concerning the application of agile methods in healthcare environments.

Great introduction into agile usability engineering with lots of practical examples!

Marc Bless
CEO agilecoach

Silvan Kurras


Great aggregation of lean and agile development processes in healthcare environments.

Silvan Kurras
CEO Global Lean Consultancy

Patrick Koglin


A very informative book, and also a joy of reading. Easy understanding guaranteed!

Patrick Koglin
Self-employeed Software Developer

Kornelius Böcher


Great eBook with a slef-explanatory presentation of Scrum in healthcare environments.

Kornelius Böcher

This free eBook will show you that agile values and approaches are not contradictory to the standards of Healtchcare development. Further more, they complement each other perfectly.

  • Part 1: Agile product development and strict standards - 
    a contradiction?

    • Agile values
    • The agile manifest
    • Map of all valid standards in Healthcare development

  • Part 2: Solve the conflict! 

    • What exactly is the conflict between agile development and the standards? 
    • Use the dilemma cloud to solve the conflict
    • The optimized solution

  • Part 3: Scrum and Usability Standard EN 62366 

    • "Fail fast"
    • The customer in the center of all your business
    • Embed customers into the complete development process 
    • Usability workshops, split tests and more...
    • Who exactly is our customer? Work with personas and avatars.


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